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  • Dong-A Socio Group

    Dong-A Socio Group - Dong-A Socio Group respects life, humans, and the environment

    • Group Overview
    • Chairman
      • Chairman’s Message
      • Profile
    • History
    • CI

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  • Dong-A Socio Holdings

    Dong-A Socio Holdings - Dong-A Socio Holdings endeavors to promote good health among all people.

    • Overview
    • CEO
    • Vision and Values
    • History
    • CI
    • Location

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  • Research and Development

    Research and Development - Dong-A Socio Holdings continues its R&D efforts to liberate people from intractable diseases.

    • Research Center
    • Research and Development
    • Pipeline
      • Biomedicines

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  • CSR

    CSR - We vow to fulfill our corporate social responsibility of creating a bright, warm society.

    • Long March through the National Land
    • Youth Environmental Campaign  Life Love School
    • Golf
    • Baduk
      • Bacchus Cheonwon Baduk Championship
      • Gagarin Pro Woman Guksu Bauduk Championship
    • Other sponsorship programs

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  • Investment Information

    Investment Information - We vow to do our best to reward our shareholders for their strong support.

    • Management Information
      • Articles of Association and composition of shareholders
      • Board of Directors
      • Audit organization
      • Corporate group
    • Financial Information
      • Statement of Financial Position
      • Income Statement
    • Share Price Information
      • Current price
      • Hourly share price
      • Daily share price
      • Index information
      • Foreigner information
    • IR
      • Disclosure
      • IR Archive
      • Business Report

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  • Newsroom

    Newsroom - Here are the latest news about us, and out latest moves.

    • Newsroom

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  • Contact Us

    Contact Us - Dong-A Socio Holdings puts its customers first.

    • 1:1 Online Inquiry

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Dong-A Socio Holdings  - endeavors to become a global healthcare group.

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